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Access Control Systems are key to a safe working environment; employers today are expected to provide adequate security measures to protect staff and company assets.

The right choice of system will depend on your building security requirements and also the degree of control needed for the effective management of your workforce. Products range from the traditional proximity card readers to biometric readers. Choice is based on the clients’ needs.

Electronic access solutions should be simple yet effective. The management of building access and door entry can at first seem complex no matter what size of your business. There are many things to consider for example what time do employees arrive and leave the building, how long do they stay on site, in the event of a fire or other emergency situation how do you find out who is on site. Visitors to the building also need to be controlled and you may wish to restrict access to various areas and monitor were they have been and for how long. Staff and visitors gain entry using either a key fob, contactless card or biometric readers. Entry can be restricted by entrance and when the card or key fob is presented. Reports will also give you a full record of personnel movements. Visitors can be pre-booked to aid in administration and lost cards can be blocked at the click of a mouse.

Some features of the Access Control and Time Attendance

Access Control

  • Network Access Control
  • Door Access System
  • Access Control Security
  • Software Access Control
  • Media Access Control
  • Role Based Access Control

Time Attendance

  • Attendance Software
  • Attendance System
  • Attendance Program
  • Payroll System